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Facebook Ads advertising service

Professional, reputable, low-cost Facebook advertising service increases the effectiveness of running ads, promoting online sales, building a strong brand to help you reach target customers, and save costs.
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Fox Marketer

Rapidly Increase Brand Recognition

With its position as the top social network in terms of users, Facebook is an effective advertising channel that many brands are interested in. Even many businesses focus their strategy on Facebook as a key advertising channel. If you can execute a Facebook advertising campaign properly, it will be very easy to increase brand awareness on a platform with nearly 3 billion users.
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Fox Marketer

Our Facebook Ads advertising service

While Facebook advertising has the potential to help you significantly improve your visibility, drive sales, and grow your business online, it also requires you to have knowledge and experience with the platform. Facebook advertising. A successful campaign will require careful strategy and testing to find the most effective combination of goal setting, content planning, creative design and balancing budget. When working with a Facebook advertising agency, you will not have to worry too much about the above issues. As part of our basic service, we’ll manage your ads and monitor your campaigns consistently. Fox Marketer ensures to use your advertising budget wisely and tries to minimize errors as much as possible.

Process of Running Facebook Ads at Fox Marketer

When you choose Fox Marketer's Facebook Ads service, the workflow will be followed in the following steps

Detailed Consulting

As soon as we receive contact, Fox Marketer will discuss in more detail about the customer's needs. Then, advise on advertising forms and budgets that suit your requirements.

Plan In Detail For Your Advertising

Based on product research and competitor analysis, Fox Marketer will create a detailed advertising plan including setting up content, settings and payment methods to run Facebook Ads.

Advertisement Setup

Plan content and images, prepare content seeding.Set up fanpage, advertising account, Pixel, Tracking events, Catalog,...

Campaign Monitor & Optimization

Evaluate effectiveness and reorient content based on user access and feedback, develop content with high interaction rates. Combine the use of conversion rate optimization tools.

Report and Acceptance

Detailed reports will be sent each day, and finally a summary report on acceptance of results and payment invoice.

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Our projects

Our project is not only about combining leading marketing strategies, but also about constant creativity to ensure that our customers’ advertising always achieves the best results.


Does Foxmarketer have a sales guarantee?

Facebook advertising only plays a role in helping to bring products to the right target customer group. If customers have a need, they will interact or inbox you. Sales also depend on what your product is like, how you advise on sales, what kind of after-sales service you have, the characteristics, properties, prices of the products and services, and the actual needs of the market. school... That's why all types of advertising cannot guarantee sales.

What is the minimum budget to use Foxmarketer's Facebook ads?

The minimum budget to run Facebook ads depends on the product or service, but usually, we also require a minimum budget of $500/a month for a campaign 

About Report the effectiveness of Facebook ADS advertising campaigns

Unlike other company, Foxmarketer has developed our own realtime reporting system, customers can access the report to track advertising effectiveness anytime & anywhere with full details: CPC, CPM, Likes, Comments, Mess, Install, Leads, Purchased, cost per like, cmt, mess, .....

Does Foxmarketer support article writing and advertising image design?

We have our own content writing and design services. If customers need it, we will support it at a better price when accompanied by advertising services.

How about the payment

Regarding payment, you can pay yourself with your card, we will support payment settings, or if you pay through our card, you need to pay the advertising budget in advance.

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